Outdoorsmen Helping Others (Aired on AM on Nov. 22 & on FM on Nov. 24)

(standing, l to r) Jonah Triebwasser, Sarah O’Connell.  Seated, Ronald Jeffrey Callahan

(standing, l to r) Jonah Triebwasser, Sarah O’Connell. Seated, Ronald Jeffrey Callahan

While hunting, Ronald Jeffrey Callahan fell from a tree-stand and became a quadriplegic with paralysis from the neck down. Widely known in the Hudson Valley as an avid outdoorsman before and after his injury, today Mr. Callahan is an advocate for personal safety in the outdoors, teaching the next generation of hunters about the fundamentals that will keep them safe. In addition, he is a motivational speaker at events, inspiring those who suffer traumatic injuries. For those with such injuries, he stresses the need for various kinds of support from family and friends and the need for quality care that depends heavily on government services, which are dwindling in this economic environment. He has brought Outdoorsmen Helping Others (OHO) to the Hudson Valley; OHO is a nonprofit organization based on the principle that anyone, regardless of physical capability, should have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor. Its fundraisers support adaptive equipment (i.e., fishing rods) and research for cures for SCI (spinal cord injury). Mr. Callahan’s invention of a wheelchair platform, a lightweight pivot system for all power wheelchairs that can support up to 950 pounds, is currently moving through the patenting process. Mr. Callahan ends his interview with the message that “life does not stop with your injury.”

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Direct Contact with Mr. Callahan: Phone 845 337-4914 or Email

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