Rebuilding Together in Dutchess County (Aired on Aug. 14, 2022)


Poughkeepsie-Arlington Rotarian Darcy McCourt, Executive Director of Rebuilding Together in Dutchess County, is the guest on this week’s Radio- Rotary program. Rebuilding Together grew out of an annual event called “Christmas in April,” for which volunteers on one day in April would repair homes of low-income senior citizens. The name was changed to “Rebuilding Together”
to reflect its transition to a year-round program. The mission, however, remains the same, although expanded: to make critical repairs for safety in private homes of those who cannot afford to pay for similar work. Rebuilding Together Dutchess County provides critical repairs, accessibility modifications, and energy efficiency improvements for seniors, persons living with disability, families with children, and active or retired members of the armed services. These services are provided at no cost to the homeowner. The work is done by local volunteers while much of the funding comes from grants or from local businesses.

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Rebuilding Together. Dutchess County:
Rebuilding Together (national network):

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Independent Living and Home Care (Aired on August 7, 2022)

Greater Newburgh Rotarian Doug Hovey, founder and CEO of Independent Living Inc. and Independent Home Care, visits Radio Rotary to talk about his 501(c)3 that aids persons with any type of disability to live independently. Although the first thing that you might think of is adapting a home for wheelchair living (they do that), Independent Living, Inc. also helps those with mental illness, substance abuse, deafness, and age-related disabilities. Doug Hovey became paralyzed below the waist 42 years ago and has worked since to help others with disabilities. Even the staff at Independent Living all have disabilities of one kind or another. Listen to this Radio Rotary show to hear a remarkable story about a remarkable Rotarian.

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Independent Living, Inc.:
Greater Newburgh Rotary Club:
Fair Pay for Home Care:

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The Mothball Fleet in the Hudson (Aired on July 31, 2022)

Tony Musso, freelance journalist and weekly columnist at the Poughkeepsie Journal, joins the Radio Rotary team for a discussion of his latest book, Mothball Fleet on the Hudson: The Post-World War II National Defense Reserve. Many residents and visitors crossing the Hudson on the Bear Mountain Bridge in the 1950s or 1960s have seen the flotilla of warships lined up along the river and wondered what they were there for. Musso, the principal chronicler of Hudson Valley historical sites, tells the story in his new book. Many listeners are likely to be familiar with his earlier 3-volume series, “Hidden Treasures of the Hudson Valley,” his regular “Dateline” columns in Gannett newspapers, his tours of historic sites, and his frequent appearances as a speaker on historical topics. Most of these will be discussed in this wide-ranging interview.

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Tony Musso’s Website:
Hidden Treasures of the Hudson Valley:
United States Navy Reserve Fleets:

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Foster Care in Dutchess County (Aired on July 24, 2022)

Sabrina Jaar Marzouka, Commissioner of the Dutchess Country Department of Community and Family Services, and Ashely Tilton, case manager for foster care for Dutchess County, visit Radio Rotary to explain how foster care provides a safe environment for children newborn up to age eighteen who are unable to live with their birth families. The goal of using foster care is to provide a temporary refuge; if a permanent arrangement is needed, adoption is the answer. Ms. Tilton has a pool of foster parents who have been through background checks and a ten-week training. She works to match a child who has been identified by Child Protective Services with an appropriate foster family from this foster-parent pool. The ultimate goal is to reunite the child with biological parents.

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Dutchess Country Department of Community and Family Services:
Foster Care, Dutchess County Family Services:
Child Protective Services in Dutchess County:
Dutchess Foster Care Agencies:

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