District Governor 2022-23, Larry Palant (Aired on Sept. 25, 2022)

Each year Radio Rotary interviews the current District 7210 Governor (DG); for Rotary year 2022-23 the DG is Suffern Rotarian Larry Palant, who in 20 years of Rotary membership has previously handled a number of important assignments, including promoting ShelterBox and leading the Membership Committee. DG Palant discusses how the District focuses on different causes throughout the year, warm clothing in the fall, food security in the winter, and the environment in the spring. A relatively new focus, promoted by Rotary President Jennifer Jones, the first woman to head Rotary International, is DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion). Listen to the show to enjoy a couple of “Rotary Moments” with DG Palant and to learn about how “Imagine Rotary” works as the slogan for the 2022-23 Rotary Year.

Learn More:
Rotary District 7210: https://rotarydistrict7210.org/
Rotary International President Jennifer Jones: https://www.rotary.org/en/2022-23-president-jennifer-jones-eager-advance-rotarys-narrative
Rotary.org Clubfinder: https://my.rotary.org/en/club-search
Suffern Rotary Club: https://portal.clubrunner.ca/2255
ShelterBox: https://www.shelterboxusa.org/

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The Long Doggie Paddle & Bike Ride (Aired on Sept. 18, 2022)

Glenville Rotarian Jimmy Thomas has embarked on a five-month journey to support providing veterans with service dogs, dogs trained to aid in handling a specific medical need. A veteran Army MP himself, Jimmy knows first hand the difference a service dog can make. His dog, Boots, had been trained to prevent seizures and was remarkably successful, with Thomas going from a couple of seizures a month before Boots to a single episode in the five years that Boots was with him. Trained Service Dogs are very expensive, so Thomas is raising money from sponsors of his canoe trip from Glenville to Key West and bike ride back to his destination, the Veterans Administration in Albany, NY, with the money raised going to help veterans. Glenville Rotary has arranged for Rotary
Clubs along the route to support, feed, and house Thomas, although sometimes he will need to camp in a tent.

Learn More:
Doggie Paddle for Veterans: https://doggiepaddle.org/
Glenville Rotary Club: https://www.glenvillerotary.org/
America’s Vet Dogs:https://www.vetdogs.org/AV/getaservicedog/AV/DogPrograms/getaservicedog.aspx

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Food of Life/ Comida de Vida (Aired on Sept. 11, 2022)

The Radio Rotary team visited Millbrook Rotary at the Millbrook Café to broadcast a show about the Food of Life/Comida de Vida food pantry run by Amenia’s St. Thomas Episcopal Church. Interviewees included AJ Stack, who is not only Rector of the Church but also the current president of Millbrook Rotary; Jim Wright, co-warden and facility manager of the church who was among the founders of Food of Life in 2009; co-warden Samantha Lucas; and newly hired manager of the pantry, Danny Hutnick. Radio Rotary co-host Sarah O’Connell-Claitor, a member of Millbrook Rotary and a parishioner of St. Thomas, was able to add her own observations. The Food of Life pantry started in the church, grew and moved to the parish house, grew more and moved to the parking lot, where today there is a new building that houses the operation. Next door is The Giving Garden, started in 2014, which supplies most of the fresh vegetables dispensed by the pantry, which currently helps feed 300 families each week.

Learn More:
Food of Life/ Comida de Vida: https://stthomasamenia.com/comida-de-vida-food-of-life-pantry/
St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Amenia Union: https://stthomasamenia.com/
Millbrook Rotary: https://millbrookrotary.org/
Millbrook Café: https://themillbrookcafe.com/

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