Flood Impacts in Louisiana (Aired August 5, 2011)

Windell Curole

Windell Curole

In this interview from the New Orleans Rotary International Convention, Louisiana environmentalist Windell Curole (Golden Meadow Rotary) discusses the effects of the recent Mississippi River flooding. Mr. Curole is the General Manager of South LaFourche Levee District and one of Louisiana’s leading coastal environment experts. Mr. Curole has testified before the U.S. Congress after Katrina, providing information about the successful levees he established in his part of the Gulf. Last year he was a member of and consultant to Louisiana’s official clean-up team during the BP spill.

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August 5, 2011 · Posted in Disaster Relief, Environment, Gulf Series  

Kevin Voisin, Louisiana Oysterman (Aired on 11/5/10)

Kevin Voisin

Kevin Voisin


Kevin Voisin, an 8th generation Louisiana oysterman and Terrebonne Parish Councilman, discusses current events concerning the Gulf oil-spill and fishing situation, false impressions about the Gulf and its seafood, and his optimism about the future, despite the setback caused by the man-made spill.



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Louisiana Seafood News
MSNBC -For oyster clan, just another disaster in a series

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November 5, 2010 · Posted in Environment, Gulf Series  

Updates from the Gulf (Aired on 10/8/10)

Windell Curole

Windell Curole (Golden Meadow Rotary)

Louisiana professionals from several fields provide the latest information on the Gulf oil spill and reactions from the residents of Grand Isle, called “The Sportsman’s Paradise.” Environmental expert Windell Curole (Golden Meadow Rotary), General Manager of South LaFourche Levee District, discusses the most recent regional events. Richard Augustin (Grand Isle Rotary), Principal of the Grand Isle School System, discusses the effects of the oil spill disaster on the schools, his students, and their families. Carroll Allemand (President, Grand Isle Rotary) corrects some of the common misinformation about the oil’s effects on Grand Isle and explains the concerns of Grand Isle residents after BP leaves the area.

Richard Augustin

Grand Isle Principal Richard Augustin (Grand Isle Rotary)

Grand Isle is located in Jefferson Parish at the southern tip of LA. Hwy 1. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, the primary businesses for island residents are tourism, the seafood industry, and oilfield related professions. Called “The Sportsman’s Paradise,” Grant Isle is a relatively small community, which, during the summer, is occupied by more than 12,000 tourists participating in activities such as the Grand Isle International Tarpon Rodeo.



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October 8, 2010 · Posted in Environment, Gulf Series  

Current Updates from the Gulf by Louisiana Rotarians (Aired on 9/3/10)

Gulf Series experts

(L-R) Michel Claudet & Michael Ferdinand


Louisiana Gulf experts from two Louisiana Parishes are featured in Part 2 of the Gulf Series on RadioRotary: Windell Curole (Golden Meadow Rotary), General Manager of South LaFourche Levee District; Terrebonne Parish President Michel Claudet (Houma Rotary); and Michael Ferdinand (Houma Rotary), CEO of Economic Development. Topics discussed include correcting public misinformation about the spill, the spill’s impact on business, the impact of the Moritorium, and much more.


Learn more:
www.tpcg.org (Michel Claudet)
www.tpeda.org (Michael Ferdinand)
www.slld.net (Windell Curole)

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September 3, 2010 · Posted in Environment, Gulf Series  

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