The Mothball Fleet in the Hudson (Aired on July 31, 2022)

Tony Musso, freelance journalist and weekly columnist at the Poughkeepsie Journal, joins the Radio Rotary team for a discussion of his latest book, Mothball Fleet on the Hudson: The Post-World War II National Defense Reserve. Many residents and visitors crossing the Hudson on the Bear Mountain Bridge in the 1950s or 1960s have seen the flotilla of warships lined up along the river and wondered what they were there for. Musso, the principal chronicler of Hudson Valley historical sites, tells the story in his new book. Many listeners are likely to be familiar with his earlier 3-volume series, “Hidden Treasures of the Hudson Valley,” his regular “Dateline” columns in Gannett newspapers, his tours of historic sites, and his frequent appearances as a speaker on historical topics. Most of these will be discussed in this wide-ranging interview.

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Tony Musso’s Website:
Hidden Treasures of the Hudson Valley:
United States Navy Reserve Fleets:

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Addiction Services at MHA Dutchess (Aired on December 19, 2021)

Mental Health America of Dutchess County (MHA) is a wide-ranging nonprofit that deals with many parts of mental health and well-being. This RadioRotary interview with David Campanaro, Division Director of Addiction Services at MHA and Joseph Ventimiglia, Clinical Supervisor and Director of the Chemical Dependency Crisis Center, focuses on alcoholism and other addictions. The MHA Crisis Center is often the first stop for a person with a substance use disorder who is seeking help with recovery. After withdrawal at the Crisis Center, the addict stays for a few days (sometime longer) as the professionals there locate a suitable treatment program. Bolger House, Florence Manor, and Dowling House are community residences run by MHA where those with substance abuse disorder can experience long-term recovery. MHA also provides therapy as needed in their Sober Supported Housing apartments.

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Mental Health America of Dutchess County:

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Tots for Toys Returns to Hudson Valley (Aired on December 5, 2021)

The story of Toys for Tots in the Hudson Valley is provided in this radio program by Mike Binns (Ulster County Coordinator), Marine sergeant Maryabelo Ganal, Marine Captain George Matthews, and PAMAL radio host Randy Turner (who is also part of the RadioRotary team). Toys for Tots was started in 1947 to provide toys for children in need—distributing 5,000 toys in that first year. Every holiday season since it has continued to be one of the great charities that everyone loves, providing presents for children who might otherwise go without holiday gifts. Local businesses, such as Adams Fairacre Farms and have provided bins for collecting toys and volunteers to provide cash for more and to help the local Marine Corps Reserve deliver the toys.

Learn More:
Hudson Valley Toys for Tots:
Toys for Tots on Facebook:
Marine Reserve Corps at Stewart Air Base:
WBPM (92.9):
National Toys for Tots campaign:

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Italian American Festival in Kingston (Aired On October 3. 2021)

As Columbus Day approaches, so does the 14 th Annual Italian Festival in Kingston, sponsored by the Ulster County Italian American Foundation. Festival Chair Anna Brett and Highland Rotarian Tony Marmo join Jonah Triebwasser and Kathy Kruger for a fun-filled program on the fun-filled festival, which takes place beside the Roundout Creek in T.R. Gallo Park at the lower end of Broadway in Kingston, NY. The Festival celebrates the Italian heritage of Ulster Country with foods and music that came to American from Italy along with the many immigrants to Ulster County. The event and parking are free, but many vendors at the Festival sell pizza, Italian desserts, other foods. There is music from local bands and singers all day (and also a world-famous accordionist), a puppet show, a spaghetti-eating contest, activities for children, and even a fire- breather. Community heroes are recognized, including the Festival’s Signore and Signora.

Learn more:
Ulster Country Italian American Foundation:
Kingston, NY, Waterfront:
American Italian Heritage Museum in Albany:
Highland Rotary:

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