Emergency Medical Services (aired on AM on May 24, 2013)

David Violante, Assistant Director of Emergency Medical Services in the Arlington Fire Department and Director of Disaster Preparedness and Training for NYC Medics, describes his experiences during 20 years of training medics here and abroad. Training paramedics to care for people in emergency situations includes not only teaching them how to deal with basic emergencies such as delivering babies, but also how to provide emergency aid while awaiting transport of a patient to a location with more complete medical services. Mr. Violante studied under Rockland County’s Dr. Martha “Bobbie” MacGuffie, who founded SHARE Africa, an organization which provides public health services in Africa and which has been supported by Rotary clubs over the years. This subsequently led to his work in Kenya where he trained local paramedics, empowering them to help the public in their own communities.

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