Getting a Life with Asperger’s (Aired on January 17 & 18, 2015)

The RadioRotary co-hosts interview author and motivational speaker Jesse Saperstein about his new book: Getting a Life with Asperger’s: Lessons Learned on the Bumpy road to Adulthood, a guide to leaving “the road to loserville” written by someone who has experienced the problems of a person with Asperger’s as he made important life transitions. Mr. Saperstein was diagnosed with Asperger’s at age 14, just two years after psychologists formally recognized the condition. Despite bullying by others and failing at the first two professions he tried (described in his first book, Atypical), he learned how to manage his condition and in this book offers his advice. The interview also deals with his hopes for introducing a muppet with Asperger’s into the Sesame Street cast.

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July 21, 2018 · Posted in Hudson Valley