How SPCA Protects Companion Animals (September 28, 2012)

Catherine Forbes, Dutchess County SPCA Director of Development, discusses the no-kill Hyde Park shelter with a 141-year history of providing shelter and services for unwanted, abused, abandoned, or neglected animals. SPCA Adoption Counselors are trained to match families with pets, now called “companion animals.” Using a rescued puppy as an example, Ms. Forbes describes the medical attention veterinarians provide that finally allows a rescued companion to live a happy life in a good home. She offers many suggestions for protecting pets, such as a microchip (small as a grain of rice) injected under the skin for easy identification. The Hyde Park’s yearly Annual Petwalk, a unique and well-known county fair for dogs now in its 18th year, includes activities such as competitions in catch-a-ball, racing, tail wagging, singing, speaking, begging, tricks, and so forth, as well as unusual activities like “paw reading.”

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