Hunters Helping the Hungry (Aired on July 20, 2012)

Penny Hickman, Distribution Coordinator for the humanitarian organization Hunters Helping the Hungry, discusses the process by which this program brings thousands of pounds of game (venison and birds) to soup kitchens, churches, food pantries, and other food distribution sites. She describes how the local deer population would breed themselves out of existence without controlled hunting. Volunteer hunters collect the food, bring it to a processing plant donated and staffed by hunters, cut up and vacuum-pack the meat, freeze it, and distribute it–58,000 pounds distributed since 1993! For young people involved in hunting and fishing, Ms. Hickman describes various ways to help the next generation learn about conservation and the outdoors, such as hunter safety courses, conservation programs, and summer camps. Ms. Hickman urges hunters to wear blaze orange, also known as safety orange, instead of camouflage for safer hunting. Hunting permits include Ms. Hickman’s contact information.

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