Leslie Land: Vegetable and Fruit Gardening (Aired on 10/1/10)


Co-host Jonah Triebwasser & Leslie Land. Standing: Co-host Sarah O'Connell

Leslie Land, professional gardener, chef, and The New York Times garden columnist for many years, discusses the important benefits of eating locally (including some you might not have considered) and provides tips for easy gardening. Ms. Land’s latest book is a collection of 1,000+ Q & A from her years writing the garden column for The New York Times.

Producer’s Note: On the table are lovely flowers from Ms. Land’s garden as well as tomato preserves. The co-hosts ate the cherry tomatoes and other garden foods Ms. Land brought with her before we had a chance to photograph them. Co-hosts took turns interviewing while the other ate.
Producer’s request to future guests: Please do not bring food to your co-hosts.

Learn more: www.leslieland.com

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October 1, 2010 · Posted in Environment, Hudson Valley