Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum (Aired Jan. 29, 2010)

L to R:  George Supan, Ed Glisson,Rena Hill

L to R: George Supan, Ed Glisson,Rena Hill

Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum Executive Director Ed Glisson and Rena Hill, Director of Development, discuss the newest attraction at the fabulous museum on the Hudson waterfront. The new exhibit is built around the Hyde Park Mastodon, a fossil skeleton found in Hyde Park. Children are able to learn what life was like in the Hudson Valley during the last Ice Age, 14,000 years ago, when elephant-like mastodons roamed North America. Fishkill Rotarian George Supan is on hand to discuss his club’s fundraising efforts that help maintain this interactive and hands-on museum, a Poughkeepsie institution that keeps children intrigued for hours as they learn about science and their environment.

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January 29, 2010 · Posted in Education, Hudson Valley, Youth