Preventing Substance Abuse through Education (Aired On January 29, 2023)


CAPE is the Council on Addiction Prevention & Education in Dutchess County.  For this program, Dora Celestino, Community Educator, returns to Radio Rotary  to talk about how CAPE uses education about the harm caused by substance  misuse disorder—including addiction to tobacco, alcohol, prescription drugs, or  street drugs— as a way to prevent such misuse. Duchess County currently  experiences more overdose deaths than any other county in New York State,  mainly due to the synthetic drug fentanyl. While fentanyl may be taken  deliberately, it is also used as an additive to other drugs, so persons may be  exposed without expecting it. CAPE teaches children, often younger than 13,to  avoid buying drugs over the internet. Another frequent misuse of drugs is taking a prescription medicine by raiding a medicine cabinet. But the most common form of drug misuse among children is vaping, nicotine delivered with an electronic device as a substitute for cigarettes. CAPE is also showing a movie about a family after their 19-year-old dies from drug misuse (Life After You at the Millerton Moviehouse)

Learn More:
CAPE (Council on Addiction Prevention & Education):
U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, One Pill Can Kill:
Dutchess County Addiction Prevention Services:
Trailer for Life After You:

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Millbrook Celebrates 50 Years Of Rotary (Aired on January 22, 2023)


Millbrook Rotary is 50 years old and celebrating the anniversary Radio Rotary welcomes Millbrook Rotarians past-district-governor Cindie Kish and charter member David Brinkerhoff to describe the history and activities of the Millbrook club. In 1973 a group of about 25 men—at the time only men were admitted to rotary—began meeting in the Cottonwood Inn and soon petitioned Rotary
International and were granted status as the Rotary Club of Central Dutchess with an official territory extending from Pine Plains in the north, LaGrange and Pawling in the south, and Pleasant Valley in the west. As time went on groups from that club spun off the Hyde Park, Rhinebeck, Pleasant Valley, and LaGrange Rotaries, leading the Central Dutchess club to change its name to Millbrook Rotary. A major change occurred when women were admitted to Rotary starting in 1987. The 50 th Anniversary will be celebrated at the Links in Unionvale, guest speaker Cara Mia Bacchiochi, founder of Hope on a Mission, one of the many organization that Millbrook Rotary partners with in community service.

Learn More:
Rotary Club of Millbrook:
Millbrook Rotary Group on Facebook:
Millbrook Rotary Business Directory:
Rotary District 7210:
Hope on a Mission:

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Hudson Valley Helps Refugees (Aired on January 15, 2023)


Highland Rotarian BJ Mikkelsen returns to Radio Rotary to report on the progress of his efforts to help refugees from the February 24 Russian invasion of Ukraine. Mr. Mikkelsen was in Berlin on the day after the invasion, where he observed thousands of Ukrainian refugees crowding the main Berlin train station. He quickly raised money for food and other supplies, and in October traveled
with a truckload of relief to Lviv, Ukraine. Since then he has created the nonprofit corporation “Hudson Valley Helps Refugees,” which by the end of 2022 had collected and delivered some $40,000 in aid. The key elements in getting the aid to those in need are a Rotary Club in Warsaw, Poland; another Rotary in Helmstedt, Germany; and St. Nicholas Ukrainian Church in Berlin. One of the main projects needed for refugee help in Ukraine is an additional ambulance, and Hudson Valley Helps Refugees is working toward providing that, but there are also many other ways that the organization provides aid.

Learn More:
Hudson Valley Helps Refugees:
Rotary Club Warszawa Fryderyk Chopin:
Rotary Club of Helmstedt:
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church:
Highland (NY) Rotary Club:

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Pleasant Valley Food Pantry (Aired on January 8, 2023)


Radio Rotary interviews Steve Gessner, Chairman of the Pleasant Valley Ecumenical Food Pantry. This is a local community food pantry sponsored by the four local churches in the hamlet of Pleasant Valley, NY. We serve the hungry and needy families in the district surrounding my local community. The Pleasant Valley Food Pantry is an agency the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley, purchasing most of the food it distributes from the Food Bank at a discount. It distributes free food and items of person hygiene to about four hundred persons during a ninety-minute window each Wednesday. Families can choose the foods or supplied they want from a menu, although all get a package of fresh produce and bread along with their order. While 80% of the food distributed is from the Food Bank, the remainder is donated by individuals and groups such as the Pleasant Valley Rotary Club, which runs a food drive to fill a bus or truck with donations several times each year. The food pantry is an entirely volunteer effort with fifty or more local residents volunteering each week.

Learn More:
Pleasant Valley Ecumenical Food Pantry:
Food Bank of the Hudson Valley:
Pleasant Valley Rotary Club:

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