Red Hook Rotary’s 2018 Projects (Aired on May 5 and 6, 2018)

RadioRotary visits Red Hook Rotary’s meeting to learn about some of the many activities of the Red Hook Club. Rotarian Dave Wright is in charge of the 2018 Apple Blossom Day, the street festival that traditionally kicks off the spring-summer season in Red Hook and Tivoli. In addition to dance and music performances on the stage, there are hundreds of food and craft vendors. Club president Tim Lynch describes the Aquabox, a box similar to the more familiar ShelterBox, and also designed for disaster relief, but focusing largely on water purification, a great need in many disasters. The Aquabox also contains dozens of other items that may be needed in a disaster in addition to the water purifier. Another guest on the show was the youth-exchange inbound person from Spain,Mercedes. She describes her experiences as a visitor in Red Hook, while Red Hook Rotarian Christine Chale describes Red Hook’s participation in youth exchange.

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July 29, 2018 · Posted in Hudson Valley