Treating Alcoholism and Other Drug Addictions (Aired on April 6, 2012)

Seated:  Steven Pressman.  Standing: Host Jonah Triebwasser

Seated: Steven Pressman. Standing: Host Jonah Triebwasser

Steven Pressman, Executive Director of Mid-Hudson Addiction Recovery Centers, Inc. (MARC), discusses residential treatment and recovery services for individuals and families in recovery from alcoholism and other drug addictions. Few addicts can stop drinking or using on their own, so nearly all need help both to stop and also to re-enter normal life. MARC’s services include a Crisis Center, halfway houses for long-term recovery, and sober apartments. Mr. Pressman outlines various programs that have helped former addicts reclaim their lives to become successful, productive citizens and parents. In addition, Mr. Pressman discusses how to prevent teens today from secretly accessing prescriptive drugs other family members use for medication.

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April 6, 2012 · Posted in Dutchess County, Health, Housing Assistance, Support Groups