Women in Recovery Work and Upcycle (Aired on June 26, 2022)


Upcycling is taking something that might be discarded as trash and turning it into something more valuable. Unshattered is a charitable organization that helps women in recovery from addition stay sober as they upcycle donated textiles and leathers into beautiful handbags and other products. Radio Rotary’s guest for this program is Kelly Lyndgaard, who six years ago left her work as an engineer and physicist for IBM to found Unshattered. Located in Hopewell Junction in Dutchess County, Unshattered partners with major manufacturers who donate their surplus textiles and leathers. The women workers, all of whom came from recovery community housing, design and sew the materials into handbags, leather tote bags, wallets, and more. The program is unusually effective—in the six years of its existence, none of the women have relapsed into active addiction. Listen to the program to learn about the three secrets built into each product and much more.

Learn More:
Unshattered: https://unshattered.org/
Work and Recovery: https://sjwjobs.org/blog/7-reasons-why-work-is-important-to-addiction-recovery/
Unshattered Products on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnshatteredNY/shop/?ref_code=search_hcm_cta&ref_surface=global_search

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June 27, 2022 · Posted in Addiction Recovery, Service Organizations