Volunteer Flights help Patients and Families (Aired on January 16, 2022)

RadioRotary welcomes Jessica Ames, Outreach & Events Director for Angel Flights East, to the program. Angel Flights East provides free air transportation for medical needs to children, individuals, or families all over the Northeast region of the United State—fourteen states, Maine through Virginia through Ohio. Nearly all of the flights are in general-aviation aircraft with at least four seats, including some corporate jets used for longer flights when available. All of the pilots are volunteers. It was started in 1993 after the founder, who had provided free air transportation for victims of Hurricane Katrina, joined with other pilots to continue help for those needing transport from their homes to medical facilities or between hospitals. Since then, the volunteer pilots have made about 900 flights annually.  This service is not the same as an air ambulance—passengers must be fit enough to enter and leave a small plane and to sit upright for the duration of the flight, which can sometimes be several hours. There are similar volunteer organizations throughout the United States.

Learn More:
Angel Flight East: https://angelflighteast.org/
Air Care Alliance Directory: https://www.aircarealliance.org/getting-assistance/directory-of-groups/
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA): https://www.aopa.org/

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Diveheart Improves Lives with SCUBA (Aired on January 9, 2022)

Downers Grove, IL, Rotarian Jim Elliott, founder of Dive Heart, and Tinamarie Hernandez, Executive Director of the Diveheart Foundation, visit RadioRotary to describe the work Dive Heart does in providing the experience of SCUBA (Self- Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) to persons with disabilities, including veterans with PSD. The experience of floating free underwater is
especially important to those who have lost the use of their limbs, but it has also been shown to benefit persons with all kinds of differences, such as autism, cerebral palsy, ALS, traumatic brain injury, or ADHD. Dive Heart provides trained instructors to work with individuals across the United States, and also provides training in how to use SCUBA with persons with disabilities. The SCUBA experience has been shown to build confidence and self-esteem, changing perspectives and even providing relief from pain.

Learn More:
Diveheart Foundation: https://www.diveheart.org/
Downers Grove Rotary Club: https://downersgrove.clubexpress.com/
SCUBA Therapy: https://www.neurologyinsights.com/2021/03/04/have-you-considered-scuba-therapy-for-your-patients/

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Membership Needs in Rotary District 7210 (Aired on January 2, 2022)

Highland (NY) Rotarian and past District 7210 Governor (2020-21) Tony Marmo is now the District Membership Chair. He joined Jonah Triebwasser and Kathy Kruger on RadioRotary to discuss the value of Rotary membership and his plans to increase membership in the District. Although international membership in Rotary is stable or growing slightly, Rotary, like all other similar organizations in the United States, has been shrinking somewhat as fewer Americans participate in group activities. District 7210 is no exception, having lost about 40% of its members since its high point of recent years. But the members that remain are more diverse and often younger than the older white males that once were typical of Rotarians. Today, with varied types of clubs and flexibility in meetings/arrangements, Rotary remains an important force for doing good in the world. PDG Marmo describes several ways to increase membership, although the basic first step is that each current Rotarian needs to invite community-minded friends to join.

Learn more:
Rotary District 7210: https://rotarydistrict7210.org/
Highland Rotary Club: https://highlandrotaryclub.com/
District 7210 Membership Information: https://rotarydistrict7210.org/page/membership

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January 6, 2022 · Posted in Rotary District 7210, Rotary Membership ·  

Southern Dutchess Rotary Programs (Aired on December 26, 2021)

Southern Ulster Rotarians Will Ferrell (club president) and Paul Daniels (vice president) visit RadioRotary via Zoom to discuss the community and international projects that the club supports. Southern Dutchess was originally named “Plattekill Rotary,” but with members from nearby towns in Ulster Country and even some from nearby Orange Country, the current name seems more
appropriate. The good work that Southern Dutchess Rotarians do goes from the very local, such as providing donuts and hot chocolate at the annual Plattekill tree lighting, to the International, including helping fund improvements in a village in Guatemala. Much of their emphasis is on youth: a basketball and volleyball program for elementary school, providing summer camps for needy children, and sending local students abroad on Rotary Youth Exchange. Southern Dutchess Rotary is also proud to be a ShelterBox Hero, annually supporting Shelterbox disaster relief.

Learn More:
Southern Ulster Rotary Club: https://www.southernulsterrotary.org/
Konojel Project in Guatemala: https://www.voluntouring.org/2018/07/28/volunteer-konojel-guatemala/
Camp Robbins on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ycamprobbins/
Rotary Youth Exchange (YEX): https://www.rotary.org/en/our-programs/youth-exchanges
ShelterBox USA: https://www.shelterboxusa.org/

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