Hope on a Mission Helps Homeless and More (Aired on December 11, 2022)


Cara Mia Bacchiochi returns to RadioRotary to describe progress of Hope on a Mission, her continuing ministry to homeless Poughkeepsie women (and men), many also addicted to drugs or alcohol. Seven years ago, as she was once-again in jail, Cara Mia vowed to help street women, aware of their needs because she had been one. When she was out of jail, she borrowed a car, filled the trunk with bottles of water and parked at the corner of Main and South Clinton, one of the most traveled locations for street women and addicts in Poughkeepsie, handing out water to those who past. Since then every Saturday evening, sometimes in rain or snow, her the street ministry Hope on a Mission (HOAM) has served from that corner. Bacchiochi and volunteers, many from local Rotary clubs, distribute food, clothing, and personal care items, restoring dignity to the homeless and addicted. Those who are ready to change their lives are escorted to Dutchess County’s Stabilization Center or to Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital (formerly St.Francis) for treatment. Since that first visit, Hope on a Mission has added a Saturday breakfast and dinners on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, a 20-passenger bus bringing help where it is needed, and a partnership in a thrift shop.

Learn More:
Hope on a Mission Website: https://www.hopeonamission.org/
Hope on a Mission HOAM Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/hoampk/
Cara Mia Bacchiochi on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carabacci
Stabilization Center: https://people-usa.org/program/crisis-stabilization-center/
Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital Chemical Dependency: https://www.midhudsonregional.org/alcohol-drug-dependency

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Making Affordable Housing Available (Aired on November 6, 2022)


RadioRotary interviews Christa Hines, CEO of Hudson River Housing, a vital service primarily in Dutchess County (but with a few facilities in nearby counties). For the past 40 years Hudson River Housing has worked to solve the housing problems of those who my face housing choices that would be more than 30% of their income, providing more than 1,500 units of affordable housing as well as a homeless shelter for those with no housing at all. Since the pandemic brought many new, relatively wealthy families out of the city or suburbs, the need for affordable housing in the region has increased—and Hudson River Housing has helped in several ways, not just with acquiring or building new units. Some of their programs include employment services, a drop-in center for youth, housing options for veterans, and senior housing services.

Learn More:
Hudson River Housing: https://hudsonriverhousing.org/
Poughkeepsie Housing Authority: http://www.poughkeepsiehousingauthority.org/
Housing and Homelessness in Mid-Hudson: https://mhvcommunityprofiles.org/housing/homeless-persons

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Pleasant Valley Weekend (Aired on September 4, 2022)

The chair for the 2022 edition of the Pleasant Valley Weekend in 2022, Terri McCormick, and the publicity director, Cindi White Halupke, visit Radio Rotary to describe the event. The traditional activities at Cady Field (behind the Town Hall) and in the hamlet will include such favorites as Pleasant Rotary’s Beer & Wine Tent, several kinds of popular music, typical carnival foods and more, bonce houses, the Lions Club bicycle ride, a parade on Sunday, and the race of plastic ducks down nearby Wappingers Creek In addition, Friday will feature a car show, Saturday ends with fireworks, and there will be thirteen booths providing information on local organizations such as the Pleasant Valley Free Library and Mental Health America of Dutchess County.

Learn More:
Pleasant Valley Weekend 2022: https://www.pvweekends.com/
Pleasant Valley Rotary Club: https://rotarydistrict7210.org/clubinfo/pleasant-valley
Pleasant Valley Rotary on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/136229353135240/
Pleasant Valley Lions Club on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pleasant-Valley-Lions-Club-NY-606476433167428/

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September 11, 2022 · Posted in Children, Dutchess County, Events  

Community-Based Care from MHA (Aired on Aug. 28, 2022)


Mental Health America of Dutchess County (MHA) provides a wide range of services to veterans, families, children, and those who, because of poverty, need help from local nonprofits or government-sponsored services. MHA’s CEO, Andrew O’Grady, returns to Radio Rotary to describe several of the programs that MHA has in place to provide community-based solutions to mental-health problems. The 250 workers at MHA are not all therapists—although some are—but they are all able to meet with those in need, direct them to sources of assistance, and follow up for as long as necessary. MHA partnerships with local businesses lead to employment opportunities. A newly donated building will enable MHA to set up a one-stop-shop for veteran’s services. Apartments and community residences can help with housing. MHA services are free or very inexpensive for its clients.

Learn More:
Mental Health America of Dutchess County (MHA): https://mhadutchess.org/
Veterans Services in Dutchess County: https://www.dutchessny.gov/Departments/Veteran-Services/Veterans-Services.htm
Home and Community-Based Services: https://www.cms.gov/Outreach-and-Education/American-Indian-Alaska-Native/AIAN/LTSS-TA-Center/info/hcbs

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