Membership Needs in Rotary District 7210 (Aired on January 2, 2022)

Highland (NY) Rotarian and past District 7210 Governor (2020-21) Tony Marmo is now the District Membership Chair. He joined Jonah Triebwasser and Kathy Kruger on RadioRotary to discuss the value of Rotary membership and his plans to increase membership in the District. Although international membership in Rotary is stable or growing slightly, Rotary, like all other similar organizations in the United States, has been shrinking somewhat as fewer Americans participate in group activities. District 7210 is no exception, having lost about 40% of its members since its high point of recent years. But the members that remain are more diverse and often younger than the older white males that once were typical of Rotarians. Today, with varied types of clubs and flexibility in meetings/arrangements, Rotary remains an important force for doing good in the world. PDG Marmo describes several ways to increase membership, although the basic first step is that each current Rotarian needs to invite community-minded friends to join.

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January 6, 2022 · Posted in Rotary District 7210, Rotary Membership  

District Governor 2020-21 Tony Marmo (Aired on July 18 and 19, 2020)

It is the custom each year for a Rotary District to elect a new governor, and on RadioRotary it is the custom to interview the incoming governor. For the Rotary year 2020-21, which began on July 1, the new District Governor (DG) of District 7210 is Tony Marmo from the Highland (NY) Rotary Club. Mr. Marmo is the 74th District Governor and has been deeply involved with his club and the District for a long time. He has been president of Highland Rotary 3 times in his 35 years as a Rotarian. In Rotary, there is extensive training as a person passes from District Nominee, to District-Governor Elect, to District Governor (and then to Past District Governor (PDG) with continuing involvement in a Council of advisors). The current group of incoming and outgoing DGs has agreed to work as a team, which has been very effective. The goal of the team is to grow Rotary in District 7210—like many volunteer organizations, membership has been slipping in recent years, and Mr. Marmo and the team are determined to turn that trend around. Mt. Marmo also has a closer association to RadioRotary than other DGs because he is also business manager of the RadioRotary Board.

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July 23, 2020 · Posted in Rotary District 7210, Rotary Membership  

What Rotary Membership Means (Aired on February 9 and 10, 2019)

RadioRotary interviews Suffern Rotarian Larry Palant, membership chair for
Rotary District 7210, about changes in Rotary membership opportunities and
ways to increase membership in Rotary clubs, including new types of clubs that
have been invented to make membership easier for the very busy young
professionals. Today, about half the clubs in the eight-country District 7210 meet
weekly for lunch, but increasingly as members from the spread-out hamlets and
villages of the Lower Hudson Valley have less time to travel to a meeting for
lunch, clubs are meeting for breakfast, dinner, or just for drinks. For example,
some clubs meet for lunch two or three times a month, then have a dinner
meeting that supports a local charity. The e-club, with members from around the
world (but still in the District) is a popular option, while Mr. Palant also describes
a new “passport club” concept, in which members only meet four times a year,
but can use their passports to work on projects with other Rotarians in between
meetings. Increasingly also, clubs are accepting corporate members, usually so
that several employees of a corporation can be sponsored as members of a local
Rotary Club.

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February 24, 2019 · Posted in Rotary District 7210, Rotary Membership  

21st Century Rotary and the eClub concept (Aired on AM on July 19 & on FM on July 21, 2013)

Seated: Richard Wilson, Ana Johnsen. Standing: Substitute Co-host Dave Kruger, co-host Sarah O’Connell

Seated: Richard Wilson, Ana Johnsen. Standing: Substitute Co-host Dave Kruger, co-host Sarah O’Connell

Rotary eClub 7210’s Past President Ana Johnsen and current President Richard Wilson discuss the need for eClubs, a nontraditional approach to encourage membership in service organizations such as Rotary that may be losing members due to rigid attendance requirements. Maintaining membership is vital for the survival of service organizations, but recruitment is often difficult because work and family obligations as well as health issues may prevent people from attending ordinary meetings. To address this problem, Rotary created eClubs. These require members to provide humanitarian service of their choice and to pay basic dues, but do not require attendance at meetings. Chartered in 2012, Rotary eClub 7210 includes members from several countries (including Sweden, Nigeria, India, and Turkey) and U.S. states. Members communicate mainly through email, considering that time zones make it difficult to meet any other way. The eClub’s website provides loads of Rotary information, which can be used by members in traditional clubs to make up an absence. This flexibility is expected to provide significant and much needed growth for Rotary in the 21st century, resulting in an increase in humanitarian service.

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